Technology progresses rapidly, and so does the rise of Solar. According to SEIA,
Solar employs nearly 260,000 Americans and Solar Installations have a average annual growth rate of 68% since 2006.

According to the Census Bureau's County Business Patterns, in 2014 there are only 76,572 persons employed in the coal mining industry.

Solar Electric

The most common type of installation is a Solar PV system. Solar Electric systems use cells in a microinverter panel to convert sunlight into electricity,
which goes directly to the customer instead of through a utility company.

Microinverters are surprisingly durable thanks to the lack of moving parts and the overall design for exterior use. Enphase also tests it’s microinverters
so they can withstand extreme weather conditions, from heavy snow and freezing temperatures to blistering heat.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal systems are commonly used to heat homes using systems designed for integrated space heating, domestic hot water, and heating swimming pools and spas.

Like Solar PV, Solar Thermal systems harness sunlight to heat a glycol solution that flows through heat in a collector panel. This heat can be used as needed by the customer. Most systems have tracking abilities that keep sunlight focused onto the collector for full coverage.

Battery Backup

One of the most common question we get asked is how can you use the energy produced by your AMENERGY system during the times
the sun may not be out in full force, or when the power goes out, or when a residence is too far away from electrical lines.

During the day, your Solar PV system will charge your Battery Backup system using the electricity generated from the sunlight.
That energy can be utilized during cloudy days and at night so you’re never without power.

Water Pumps

Water accessibility is one of the most critical issues of our time, and if your power grid shuts down, so does the water flow. The best solution is to integrate solar energy into existing wells, landscaping, agricultural water distribution, and fire suppression systems.

AMENERGY also builds custom enclosures for our battery banks that provide a dedicated, insulated space to protect the batteries from the elements. Why just be energy independent when you can also be water independent as well?


While we listed just a few of the options when it comes to Solar Energy, we hope this will help you realize that
energy independence is the future and there are many ways that AMENERGY can help you obtain that goal.