Whether you’re unhappy with your current company, they’ve gone out of business, or any other reason, AMENERGY now offers
Service Packages for existing systems!




Put your mind at ease as our systems are monitored weekly. We regularly apply for replacement parts and install them for our clients before they even notice a difference. We offer a variety of monitors to fit your needs, which allow for mobile or wifi access and, in some cases, system control. We'll go over how to use your monitoring preference as well, so you can be fully in control of your system.



Is your system out of warranty? Not performing as needed? Now might be the time to get an evaluation of your existing system to diagnose the problem. Our services are cost effective and work around your schedule. After we evaluate your system, we’ll create a proposal if any of your panels, monitoring system, or other need to be replaced.


Service Contracts

AMENERGY offers Service Contracts for both Solar PV and Solar Thermal Systems

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For Solar Electric, we:

•verify panels are functioning properly
•validate inverter’s performance and quality
•check inverter’s specs: make & model
•document the size of the system, type of panels, and installation date
•check wiring, fuses, and combiner boxes
•clean panels
•check mounting structure’s integrity
•verify proper connectivity

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For Solar Thermal, we:

•verify heat collectors are functioning properly
•clean collectors
•document size of system, type of collectors, and installation date
•check mounting structure’s integrity
•check condition and pressure of glycol
•determine condition and proper functioning of water heater and/or storage tanks
•check condition of valves along with tem perature and pressure sensors
•verify proper connectivity
•check proper functioning of pumps and other critical components


In Both Service Contracts:

In both Service Contracts, we also will check the warranty status on the existing system components
and remove and/or replace defective parts* to get your system working at 100%.

*Additional costs may apply