Specializing in Solar Electric, Solar Thermal, Battery Back-Up Systems & more
  • About Our Solar Thermal Systems

    How do Solar Thermal Systems work? Solar Thermal Systems collect solar energy for heat by means of solar thermal collectors. Collectors installed by AMENERGY include evac tubes, batch hot water heaters, and flat plate collectors. The primary types of systems in New Mexico include … more >

    About Our Solar Thermal Systems
  • Financing & Incentives

    There are several incentive programs available to help with financing those who choose to invest in alternative energy. AMENERGY will work with you to help you determine which incentives are most appropriate for you.  Below is additional information on two programs that are currently … more >

    Financing & Incentives
  • Are You Ready for Solar Electric?

    Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Panels create a reliable source of clean energy. These systems will function with little maintenance and are generally backed by warranties of 25 years (some equipment have warranties with shorter duration) and are designed to last approximately 30 to 40 years. … more >

    Are You Ready for Solar Electric?
  • Commercial

    AMENERGY is a uniquely diverse and creative company bridging the emerging and continually evolving renewable energy, energy efficiency, and carbon emission markets. Our guiding principles are to proliferate the adoption of the clean energy economy and bring sustainable, reliable, … more >

  • About our Clean Energy Systems

    So you want to know more about Clean Energy but don't know where to start? AMENERGY is dedicated and committed to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, advancement of clean energy and unwavering quality service. Our multi technology products and services, as well as our … more >

    About our Clean Energy Systems
  • Residential

    AMENERGY has worked extensively in the residential market designing and installing a diverse universe of projects. These projects range from virtually every type of solar electric installation to unique solar thermal and conventional heating systems. AMENERGY is the primary … more >


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4 Ways to Improve the Solar Tax Credit

The Solar Tax Credit, which has helped to fund and grow the burgeoning solar industry is set to sunset at the end of 2016. There is much debate going about whether to continue it or let it die, but why not consider changing the Solar Incentive so it works for more people?  One of the most […]